What Future Focus provides:

  • A complete, personalized web section to provide information to your prospects and donors.
  • eBrochures for immediate download by your web site visitors.
  • A Monthly email to promote web section visits and useful information
  • A quarterly newsletter for email or print to keep your organization "top of mind."

What you can do without breaking the budget:

If you have a program, such as theatres and symphonies provide their patrons, be sure and put a simple statement in EVERY ISSUE/COPY. Something like: To help secure the future of _______, please consider a bequest or other planned gift. For more information, please see [web site URL].

THOUGHT - whether or not you host the planned giving pages, talk to your webmaster about creating a subdomain for easy reference and then have your webmaster set it to point or link to your planned giving pages. . A subdomain looks like this -, where is your normal URL. Planned is just my idea - you could use support, giving or anything else. For example, at, a subdomain would be This enables easy marketing to get donors and prospects to your planned giving web section.

       WHY DO THIS? - to make it easy for a donor to remember the URL.

       QUESTIONS? - give me a call

We have a number of suggestions we will be happy to share with you. Just contact us.